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Netgear C7000 - Purchase
$0 $125
one time payment
WiFi Modem
Netgear C7000 - Payments
a month for 4 months
I will provide my own modem
DOCSIS® 3.0 or 3.1
24x8 channel minimum
**1G service requires DOCSIS® 3.1. modem - max speeds may vary on 1G.   Netgear C7000 Manual
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56K v.92 $10
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Hosting 10GB
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*$2 a month with any Finest Planet service, or $3 a month for email only.
New customers ordering Email accounts from outside of California, DO need to call us
to confirm their order before their email will be set up.  Thank you!  888-450-2000

**Only letters, digits, (.), (-) and (_) are allowed in user name. The first character must be a letter or a digit.
***Passwords are case sensitive. And need to have at least 8 characters long & have at least 2 of the following:
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