Windows 95/98 Setup

On your computer:

Double-Click on My Computer,

Double-Click on Dial-Up Networking,

Note: If you have any old connections in here, it would be
best to remove them by right-clicking on them and clicking delete.

Double-Click on Make New Connection,

Type Finest Planet in Type a name for the computer you are dialing:,
Be sure your modem is selected,

Click Next,

Type in your Area code and the local Dialup Telephone number.

Local Dialup Numbers Lists

Click Next,

Click Finish.

With your right mouse button, click on Finest Planet and click Properties.

Double check that all the above settings are correct,

Then click on the Server Types tab,

Under Advanced options:, Uncheck Log on to network and under
Allowed network protocols:, uncheck everything but TCP/IP.
Make your settings look like these above,
(in Windows 95, it will say Windows 95 in "Type of Dial-Up Server")

Click OK.

With your right mouse button, click on the Finest Planet icon
and click Create Shortcut, Answer Yes to placing it on the Desktop.

Close all windows and go to the Desktop.

Click Start, go to Settings and click Control Panel.

In Control Panel, double-click Internet Options,

click on the Connections tab.

Click on the dot next to Always dial my default connection, under that,
if it does not say Current default: Finest Planet, click the Set Default button,
this should put (Default) after Finest Planet in the white box above.
To the right of the white box, click Settings...,

In the User name field, type in your user
This is the same as your Finest Planet email address.

In the Password field, type in your password, leave Domain blank,
nothing in this window should be "checked" as shown above.
Click OK, then click OK again and close the Control Panel.

Back at your Desktop, double-click on Shortcut to Finest Planet.

Be sure everything is entered correctly. If the Phone number has an Area Code in front of it,
click on Dial properties... and be sure the local Area Code is entered.
You may connect using this shortcut. Or for a more direct way...

Next to Start, click once on the blue "e" to launch Internet Explorer...

This will pop up. Click Connect.
(If you want it to be dialing at this point next time, "check" the Connect automatically box.)


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