Website Hosting Settings
Items in blue are to be replaced with your information.

To view your site:
your-domain-name or http://your-domain-name or
http://site-IP-address/~your-site-user-name/ (before propagation)*

Site Control Panel (cPanel):
http://www.your-domain-name/cpanel or http://site-IP-address/cpanel (before propagation)* Login with your site user name and password.
Check out
"Softaculous" in your cPanel for lots of versatile site add ons!

To upload your site using any FTP program:
Host/Server: ftp.yourdomainname or siteIPaddress (before propagation)*
Upload your site into directory (folder): www or public_html (these are both the same location). You may also upload your site using your cPanel's File Manager.

http://www.yourdomainname/webmail/ (after propagation)*: To check any added email account, log in with its full
email address and password.

To add email accounts: In cPanel, click on Email Accounts.

Email settings: (after propagation)
IMAP and SSL is recommended...

Account ID/User Name/Email
IMAP (incoming) Server SSL
mail.yourdomainname  (✓ Check SSL) Port 993
POP3 (incoming) Server SSL
mail.yourdomainname  (✓ Check SSL) Port 995
SMTP (outgoing) Server SSL
mail.yourdomainname  (✓ Check SSL) Port 465
IMAP (incoming) Server
mail.yourdomainname Port 143
POP3 (incoming) Server
mail.yourdomainname Port 110
SMTP (outgoing) Server
mail.yourdomainname Port 587
Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.
Check the box "My server requires authentication"
(use your user name and password for authentication)

Statistics Page: (after propagation)*: http://www.yourdomainname/stats

If you haven't already, you will need to
modify the DNS (Domain Name Servers) information with your registrar (the company who you registered your domain name with). This needs to be done so that your domain name will display your site on our servers. Typically you would log into your account on your registrars website to modify the DNS. Let us know if you need help with this.

Name Servers are as follows:


Once the DNS propagates (usually within 24 hours), you can access all these areas using your domain name. Until then, use the numbered IP address.

Note: If you are moving your site from a different server, be sure to upload a copy of your site onto the new server before you change the DNS.


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