Fast Internet  Our Fast Internet services are available in speeds from 768K to 75M. Featuring unlimited data, no setup costs, and a landline phone is no longer required.

Dialup  The most affordable way to connect, or for when you just can't connect in any other way. Unlimited 56K, with nearly 9000 dialup numbers throughout the USA.

Pricing  Stable & straightforward pricing will not go up after an "introductory period". 12-month contracts are not required, and a Fast Internet modem with WiFi is included.

Fast Internet
768K / 384K
1.5M / 1M
3M / 1M
6M / 1M
12M / 1M
18M / 1.5M
24M / 3M
45M / 6M
75M / 8M
Price per month - Download / Upload [max]
56K v.92


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